• Tyler Zager offers a culinary demo on the main stage

    The Young Entrepreneurial Spirit Soars in Miami

    December 5, 2019

    Remember when you were a kid. Did you dream of creating a business? Did you offer some type of service? Or did you try to solve a problem that existed in your neighborhood or for your community? Maybe you had a job to earn money, either for yourself or to help out the family?  Back […]

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  • Guests sitting at a communal table eating together

    Eat together. It’s good for you!

    November 20, 2019

    Gathering as a community, family, or group of friends is fun and entertaining. But, dining together is more than just something we do for fun.  Sharing a meal with your tribe, whether that’s your family, friends, colleagues, or organization, offers a great deal more benefits for you in terms of your physical health and your […]

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  • dips and spreads, ready to serve

    Recipe: Matbucha!

    Matbucha, a Moroccan-inspired Israeli “salad” of sorts, has been a favorite mezze offering at our community Shabbat dinners over the years. Here’s a recipe for the easy, delicious condiment. Its vibrant red color and complex flavor profile of spices and vegetables makes it a perfect way to start a multi-course meal of exciting flavors and […]

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  • We love our community leaders

    July 30, 2019

    Yard Hospitality offers a space for people to gather, meet, and share a common experience. We aim to provide this opportunity for connection and community-building to people from all walks of life in Miami (and beyond), bringing a wide variety of knowledge, passion, hobbies, and expertise, broadening our collective experience as a community. Many leaders […]

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  • Meet “Your Green Mermaid,” resource for green living practices, coming soon to The Doral Yard.

    Meet Lilia Pozos, founder of Your Green Mermaid, an online bilingual educational platform about sustainable living, zero waste and non-toxic beauty with a “mission to educate people on how to generate less waste, use safer products, recycle correctly and ditch single-use plastics” says Lilia.  Lilia lives in Doral and often made the trek out to […]

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  • Meet the team behind Yard Hospitality

    The Wynwood Yard was created (very literally) from the ground up in 2015. From the weeded, dirty, abandoned lot that Della Heiman first discovered, emerged a fresh community space unlike anything Miami had ever seen or experienced. Each year, the venue grew and evolved in every sense possible. The closing of The Wynwood Yard in […]

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  • Give Miami Day 2018 Photo OptionsDSCF2945_2880x2304-2

    Kids can make (and love to eat!) this Scissor Salsa

    July 15, 2019

    Kids can make their own salsa using scissors. Here’s how. Summertime Fun Summertime is quickly winding down. Just a few more weeks until school starts. The countdown is on. As parents, we look forward to pool parties, summer camps, and time to chill out with our kids, without the rigorous pressure and day-to-day grind of […]

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  • Doral Yard reusable cup

    Yay, Refills! Boo, Landfills.

    July 12, 2018

    Here’s why we re-use our cups at The Yard. It’s been reported that every minute, around the world, around one million disposable cups end up in landfills, or worse yet… in oceans. Did you know?  Plastic cups do not get recycled in our magic city on the sea in Miami, no matter what number they […]

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