Meet “Your Green Mermaid,” resource for green living practices, coming soon to The Doral Yard.

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Meet Lilia Pozos, founder of Your Green Mermaid, an online bilingual educational platform about sustainable living, zero waste and non-toxic beauty with a “mission to educate people on how to generate less waste, use safer products, recycle correctly and ditch single-use plastics” says Lilia. 

Lilia Pozos stands in front of a wood board that showcases flowers and pamphlets. It reads "the doral yard" at the top.
Lilia represented The Doral Yard at the closing party at The Wynwood Yard.

Lilia lives in Doral and often made the trek out to Wynwood to visit and support The Wynwood Yard since she first discovered the community space in 2017. Attracted by The Wynwood Yard’s commitment to sustainability, Lilia found a welcoming space with a collaborative energy where she could develop her own sustainability-focused programming to help promote The Green Mermaid’s mission in the community.

Saddened by the news that The Wywnood Yard would close in May 2019, she was thrilled to learn The Wynwood Yard team was opening a new location, The Doral Yard, in her neck of the woods! She can barely wait to welcome the magic of The Yard to Doral, work within the new community space and share her educational programming with her neighbors. 

Originally from Mexico City, Lilia moved to Miami two years ago. “It was love at first sight” when she discovered The Wynwood Yard. Its sustainability initiatives, beautiful space, organic garden, and people were the main elements that drew her to love the magical space. Most importantly, she says, “It was a space where people from all walks of life, ethnicities and cultures felt welcome”. 

At first, Lilia thought The Wynwood Yard would be out of her reach as a spot to host her first-ever Your Green Mermaid non-toxic beauty workshop. But, as all great entrepreneurs do, she pursued it anyway, and was pleasantly surprised that The Yard was within her budget. She worked with The Wynwood Yard team to make her dream a reality.  

Lilia and one of her guests at her green living workshop pose for a photo together.
Lilia at her first green living workshop at The Wynwood Yard

“I realized that The Wynwood Yard was the perfect space to make my first workshop. It was a dream come true for me to start my own educational platform in a new country and in one of my favorite spaces in Miami” remembers Lilia. She recalls that first workshop as her best memory at The Wynwood Yard and continued offering her workshops there with great success. 

Lilia, wearing a white dress, stands over platters of sample foods. She uses tongs to fill small plates with food as the workshop attendees wait.
Lilia offers samples of vegan foods at her workshop in The Wynwood Yard

When Lilia wasn’t busy hosting Your Green Mermaid workshops at The Yard, she found time to participate in favorite Yard event, Pub Crawl Pick Up. Hosted in collaboration with Debris Free Oceans, this monthly Yard series was right up her alley, engaging the community in earth-friendly initiatives, while meeting new people and having fun outdoors.

She loved shopping for sustainable goods at The Garden Box, a tiny modified shipping container filled with locally-crafted gifts, plants an home goods, attending workshops and seeing live Jazz bands on Wednesday Jazz Nights and of course enjoying the local craft beers offered at The Bar at The Yard. 

Lilia wears yellow rubber gloves as she picks up garbage from a planter in the urban area of Wynwood.
Lilia, picking up trash in Wynwood at one of the Pub Crawl Pick Up events in collaboration with Debris Free Oceans.

When asked what Lilia is looking forward to most at The Doral Yard, she emphatically responds,  “della bowls!! I miss them so much.”

Close up shot of the Dale bowl at della bowls, with a glass bottle of yellow kombucha next to it.
Lilia’s favorite bowl and drink at The Wynwood Yard: The Dale bowl and Radiate Kombucha.

Lilia cannot wait for the The Doral Yard to open. “Doral needs a space like this. I live here and I spend most of my time in Wynwood. Until now, you couldn’t find a place like Wynwood Yard in Doral. I want people to experience the sustainability initiatives, educational programs, live music, kids activities and more.”

Lilia stands with her arm around her mother in front of The Wynwood Yard sign.
Lilia’s mom joined Lilia to visit the Wynwood Yard all the way from Mexico.

She’s looking forward to hosting many Green Mermaid workshops at The Doral Yard and The Doral Yard is equally excited to partner with Lilia and Your Green Mermaid to continue sharing environmentalism and green living tips and practices with the Doral community. 

Get ready to make more magic happen with us, Lilia!

You can visit Your Green Mermaid online, on instagram, or on facebook.


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