Santo Dulce! serves up heavenly halo churros

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Three Santo Dulce Sundaes
Santo Dulce's sundae churros

Santo Dulce! Handcrafted Churros & Ice Cream, a South Florida culinary concept at the soon-to-open The Doral Yard, elevates churros pairing the made-to-order traditional fried dough treats with unconventional flavors and shaping them into heavenly halos.

What are churros?

You can think of churros as the Spanish version of American doughnuts. They’re both made by frying dough to a thin, crispy outside and steamy, soft inside. But that’s where their similarities end. Churros are fried into long sticks easy to eat with one hand, with ridges that run lengthwise to help whatever you are dipping the churro into, stick. 

Originally from Spain, churros are also wildly popular in South and Central America where they are served up either plain or with a cinnamon sugar coating along with a thick hot chocolate mixture to dip them into.

Santo Dulce! Team photo in front of the Santo Dulce! food truck
The team behind Santo Dulce! working everyday to make you smile (Santo Dulce!)

The Santo Dulce! story

Founders Yule Nunez  and Laura Luque met in Colombia and  then moved to South Florida with an entrepreneurial drive that would consequently lead to the opening of Santo Dulce! in 2018. They were powered by an appreciation for what makes a churro irresistible coupled with a natural knack for marketing.

The menu

Deciding which Santo Dulce! churro combo to indulge in is not easy! The team behind the dreamy treats knows that and therefore simplifies the choice with “sinful” sampler boxes filled with yummy flavors to choose from including Rainbow Spark, Oreo-dusted and Coco Grove, for instance. 

If making your own dessert choices is your thing, then Santo Dulce! has your back. Firstly, they designed a customizable menu to offer endless combinations. Secondly, they give you the option to choose everything, from the flavor of your churros with flavors including traditional cinnamon sugar, Nutella almond or guava cheese, for example. The churros come with creamy ice cream picks like chocolate lover’s “Heaven on Earth” or “Santo de Leches” for dulce de leche fanatics, among others. 

Santo Dulce! churros in a to-go box
Santo Dulce's “sinful” sampler with Rainbow Spark, Oreo-dusted and Coco Grove flavors (Santo Dulce!)

Our fave Santo Dulce! flavor at The Doral Yard

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who can’t resist Santo Dulce’s inventive dulce de leche and cheese churro. It’s their award-winning flavor that balances the sweet and salty combination beautifully!

Dulce de leche and shredded cheese churros by Santo Dulce!
Dulce de leche and cheese churros

What surprised the founders the most

We sat down with Yule, co-founder of Santo Dulce! to chat about what makes the Santo Dulce! team jump out of bed in the morning and what they have up their sleeves for the future.

What is one thing that has surprised you the most about your culinary venture?

“The receptiveness.  We never thought, even in our wildest dreams, that the community would embrace us the way they have. They’ve stood by us even during the toughest of times, COVID-19. We are thankful for that. Their love and support makes us give our 1000% everyday.”

The food and beverage business can be a grind. What keeps you going? 

“It’s really hard to pick a single experience that keeps us going since we have had so many good ones! But what they all share in common is that big smile in our customers’ faces! That moment of pure joy and happiness that we see our customers experiencing is indescribable.”

Are there any new dishes coming on your menu, or is there a particular menu item you think guests will be super excited about when you open at The Doral Yard?

“We’re going to launch a full beverage menu, including Santo Shakes! Expect to sip on your favorite Santo Sundae flavors, blended to perfection.”

How to order + locations

Friends enjoying a Santo Dulce! sundae
Friends enjoying a Santo Dulce! sundae


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