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Yard Hospitality offers a space for people to gather, meet, and share a common experience. We aim to provide this opportunity for connection and community-building to people from all walks of life in Miami (and beyond), bringing a wide variety of knowledge, passion, hobbies, and expertise, broadening our collective experience as a community.

Many leaders in the Miami community have supported, advocated for, and shared the magic of “The Yard” with their circles of influence, helping us to grow throughout the years, and expand our reach greater than we could have ever imagined.

We’d love to introduce these community leaders to you as we develop this magical space, as they will continue to be an integral piece to the community-building and programmatic aspects of The Doral Yard.

Meet Cristina Ramirez of Lululemon, our friend, fan, and community leader.

Cristina Ramirez, running, taking a selfie with two friends behind her, with a giant, open-mouth smile on her face.
Cristina, running with her girls, getting ready for the Miami Marathon

Cristina is the Regional Community Lead // Assistant Manager at lululemon Miami. She is an active runner and racer, fitness advocate and ambassador, avid outdoor enthusiast, and all-around lovely human being. She’s head-over-heels in love with her little man, Mason, and her hubby, and she’s counting the weeks until her little girl arrives.

We are so grateful to this amazing woman and all the magic she brought to The Wynwood Yard over the years. We are so excited to see what fun we have in store together for future programs and events at The Doral Yard.

Keep an eye out for her!

Who knows? You might just be doing a down-dog next to Cristina next Spring on the lawn at The Doral Yard. Or, you might see her crossing the finish line in a Doral Yard partnered 5K race. Perhaps you meet her on her home turf at Lululemon on Lincoln Road.

Be sure to say “hey.” It’s not too early to start making these relationships and developing a wider web of community and connection across Miami.

Q&A with Cristina

What is the mission/purpose of your organization or business? How did you plug in at the Yard? 

Unleash the full potential in each of us. I met Della through a mutual friend, Amy Danneheim and shortly after, Della became a lululemon ambassador for our store on Lincoln Road. 

Do you remember your first experience at The Wynwood Yard? Were you there as a guest, a vendor, or part of an event? What was your first impression? 

I went to The Wynwood Yard for a meeting as a guest to learn more about the space and how lululemon could potentially fit in to support the epic movement. It was magical space. The greenery, the people, the energy. It was captivating and I knew I had to keep coming back.

Cristina, enjoying The Wynwood Yard with a group of friends and colleagues.
Cristina, enjoying The Wynwood Yard with a group of friends

What is your favorite memory, event, or experience at the yard? 

It’s a tie between “Yoga For President” and our Sweatbox Finale event!

There is a lit up box in the middle of The Wynwood Yard for an event.
At the Sweatbox Finale at The Wynwood Yard

From your perspective and role at the yard, what would you say was the single most impactful thing that The Yard did for the community?

Education around sustainability and the magical connection that was among us all in Miami.

What are you looking forward to most at The Doral Yard? 

Reigniting community experiences and eating delicious food (especially Della Bowls) under the sunshine.

How do you see yourself plugging in at the Doral Yard, and connecting with the Doral community? Is there anything, in particular, you are excited to share with this new audience? 

Mindfulness, running series, speaker series around vulnerability and one around sustainability too. 

A lawn full of yogis, sitting cross legged with arms outstretched and eyes closed. The instructor's back is to the camera, also with outstretched arms.
Yoga at The Wynwood Yard

If you could choose one element to bring from TWY to TDY, what would it be? 

String lights for sure, open space for magical experiences and a mix of cultural food to factor in the best of Miami. 

What is your hope for Miami-as-a-whole in terms of community, and how can Yard Hospitality be part of making that hope or goal a reality? 

Passion for sustainable, homegrown and local food. To allow food to bring people together through The Yard. 

Anything else you would like to add? 


I cannot wait to experience TDY and hug all the amazing people behind the magic who truly make it special. (And by all, I mean Della, Julie and Robyn!)

Thank you, Cristina! We


you too!


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