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The Wynwood Yard was created (very literally) from the ground up in 2015.

From the weeded, dirty, abandoned lot that Della Heiman first discovered, emerged a fresh community space unlike anything Miami had ever seen or experienced. Each year, the venue grew and evolved in every sense possible.

The closing of The Wynwood Yard in May, 2019, was bittersweet. It had become something so uniquely impactful in the community, and the day came when the doors needed to close, making way for something else.

The land was sold and would make way for a future condo development. The original lease had been structured as a temporary 10 month lease. The Wynwood Yard had become a Miami staple, thriving on the lot for 42 months, exceeding planned longevity by over 400%.

The team and concept were positioned to move on to create more community spaces in other parts of Miami, with the next in line being Downtown Doral.

The same executive team that brought The Wynwood Yard to life in Miami now brings that magic to Doral.

The Doral Yard is scheduled to open in early 2020.

Della Heiman, Founder and CEO

Della Heiman stands in a white dress with her hand on her hip in front of a night sky with market lights in the background.
Della Heiman, Founder

Della began working on the concept and development of Yard Hospitality five years ago. She works with the organization’s leadership team to define and execute our quarterly and annual strategy, while ensuring that the company’s culture and core values are understood and upheld.

She strives to build the strongest, most talented team possible and support them in achieving their goals. She monitors and improves organizational communication, transparency, and trust – both internally and externally.

When asked to describe Yard Hospitality in one word, Della uses COLLABORATION. 

She explains: “Our company’s culture is fueled by the core belief that building dynamic relationships with  like-minded creatives, organizations, and entrepreneurs leads to the most profound outcomes for our community.”

In terms of the Doral Yard, she is most excited to introduce the vibrant melting pot of the fabulously talented culinary entrepreneurs, culture, and live music that we’re brewing

When Della’s not working at or on The Doral Yard, you can find her spending time with her loved ones, immersed in nature or taking a hot yoga class. 

Trina Sargalski, Director of Marketing and Communications

Trina stands in front of a colorful wall holding up two packets of seeds. She's smiling and wearing sunglasses.
Trina Sargalski, Director of Marketing and Communications
Photo Credit: Brynna Kaplan

Trina joined Della in 2015 when, as she likes to say, The Wynwood Yard was a vacant lot of rocks and plants. She’s been a part of the team ever since. Trina is a former journalist, food writer and public radio producer. 

She’s obsessed with storytelling…and digital marketing. She talks about pixels so much that Della has encouraged her to name her new pet ‘Pixel’. 

Summed up as simply as possible, Trina’s job is to connect and create. 

When asked to describe The Doral Yard, she uses the word ‘SYNERGY.’ 

Kidding. She uses the word … WELCOMING. Trina loves that The Yard welcomes all no matter their age, fashion sense or background. The Miami native grew up in Southwest Miami-Dade and is thrilled at the fact that communities west of I-95 get cool things now, too. 

She is fueled by good food and good stories, time with family and friends, music and dancing.  

Julie Frans, Director of Community and Culinary Programming

Julie is wearing a blue dress and a yellow beaded necklace. She has short blonde hair and wears a big smile.
Julie Frans, Director of Community and Culinary Programming
Photo Credit: @Fujifilmgirl

Julie joined Della about a month before The Wynwood Yard was scheduled to open around October, 2015. She initially jumped aboard to help launch della bowls, and in the following years, her role expanded to include developing and overseeing a diverse array of culinary programs, community-building events, and brand messaging.  

Her “babies” include the field trip and food justice programs, culinary workshop programs, sustainability messaging, programming and related events, and community festivals like Earth Day, Young Entrepreneurs Day, and Whole and Healthy Wellness Day, and others. She still works closely with della bowls, as well as all other food and beverage outlets within the Yard brand. 

One word that describes The Yard is SOUL.  “We bring the community together in a completely unique way that connects people in a very special, authentic way. We have a pure message and impactful mission that goes so much farther than simply offering a cool venue for food, beverage, and music. The heart and soul of The Yard is what separates us from other places, it’s why guests feel the magic.

She is most excited to share that “feeling” with Doral, and to introduce our new community to this new level of programming and engagement. 

When Julie is not working at The Doral Yard, you can find her traveling the world with her family, cooking, exploring, and outdoor adventuring. 

Robyn Baltuch, Director of Events and Partnerships

Robyn is wearing a black dress. She has long blonde hair and wears a big smile.
Robyn Baltuch, Director of Events and Partnerships

Robyn joined Yard Hospitality in early 2017, when she was brought on board to help improve event management. Once she showed her talents, Della was not about to let her go anywhere! 

Robyn wears a lot of hats within the organization and has earned the nickname Eagle Eye for her next-level attention to detail. Her primary role is to develop partnerships with community members, organizations, companies and brands. She creates opportunities for programs, events, and private gatherings. 

When asked to describe Yard Hospitality in one word, Robyn chose COMMUNITY. 

She explains, “There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a space to enjoy music, share your talent, gather with friends, experience amazing food and beverage, learn about green initiatives and sustainability, network or expand on your entrepreneurial endeavors, there is a space for it all here.”

What is Robyn most excited about at the Doral Yard? She looks forward to sharing the magic of The Yard, and expanding on opportunities for Downtown Doral and surrounding neighborhoods.

When she’s not working at the Doral Yard, you can find Robyn creating and adventuring. 

Brian Goldberg, Director of Operations

Brian Goldberg stands in a navy blue button up shirt on a balcony with a Miami view of buildings and ocean behind him.
Brian Goldberg, Director of Operations

Brian joined the team two years ago, bringing with him culinary and restaurant management experience, and the ability to tend to the nuts and bolts of the physical property.  

Like the rest of the team, he wears many hats and performs jobs that “keep the ship moving forward,” as he puts it.  He’s the behind-the-scenes guy that makes it possible for the rest of our team to do what we do. He jokes that his job is “to do whatever the girls tell me to do.” Maybe that’s not so far off! 

When asked to describe Yard Hospitality in one word, Brian used INNOVATIVE. Yard Hospitality is not one thing, it is a constantly growing and evolving company that can quickly adjust, pivot, and accommodate changing needs in the marketplace. We are there for the community, and we innovate every day to make sure we are aiming for the right target at the right time. 

We asked Brian, “What are you most excited about at the Doral Yard?” He’s looking forward to real bathrooms! Anyone who has spent time at The Wynwood Yard can agree that real bathrooms will be a welcome improvement for our guests and our staff! 

When he’s not working at the Doral Yard, you can find him spending time with his daughter, Teddy. 


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