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Sustainability at The Doral Yard

Sustainability at The Doral Yard

The team at The Doral Yard aims to create this magical space as a model of sustainability with the mission of raising awareness through education, programming, and daily actions. We strive to influence and inspire the Doral community in reducing single-use plastic and waste, conserving resources, recycling and upcycling, and making earth-friendly decisions in everyday life.

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At an operational level, we promise to uphold the highest standards in regards to these missions, in “front of the house” and behind-the-scenes, and we will take into consideration how our daily operations impact the environment.

Materials used for packaging, ingredient sources and selection, and conservative use of water and energy will all be managed closely. Our facility does not permit materials or items that are harmful to the environment, such as straws, styrofoam, balloons, and the like.

We foster a culture of awareness, authentic concern, and accountability, ensuring that all team members from top to bottom are armed with the training and tools to successfully reach our goals.

As a community space, The Doral Yard involves our guests and visitors in our sustainability efforts, ensuring that what we do is shared and explained in a transparent way. The Doral Yard enlists our community as active participants in this mission to think, live, and act in a more eco-conscious way.  We hope that YOU, our local community, is excited to support a local business with a mind for local and global impact.

By simply being a customer, you are supporting a green business and a healthier planet.

Want to go a step further, and take more steps to positive action?

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Here are some of the other programs we offer so that you can get involved The Doral Yard’s sustainability initiatives, and join us on our mission to make Miami-Dade greener and cleaner.

  • Fun and engaging environmental community service events, like “pub-crawl pick-ups” and “plogging” parties (jogging and picking up litter) 
  • Sustainable living workshops and seminars by local experts
  • Farm-to-table dinners that support local agriculture and producers
  • Eco-focused cooking classes, culinary workshops, and tastings 
  • Workshops and classes in our edible garden: composting, herbalism, seed planting and gardening basics
  • Farmers markets
  • Earth Day Festival (April)
  • Environmental impact panel events
  • Monthly Kids’ Club, offering cooking, sustainability education, and engaging activities
  • Daily selections of local craft beer, biodynamic wines, and sustainable craft liquors at the bar 
Images from Doral Yard sustainability programs

Food and Beverage

The Doral Yard offers reusable dishes, utensils, and glassware when dining within The Hub or restaurant. Not dining with us? Rest assured that regardless of which culinary entrepreneur you purchase from, all take-away packaging at The Doral Yard is up to our set standards of biodegradable and eco-friendly materials.

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We offer hip, branded, reusable cups for sale, and reward our patrons for your efforts in reducing single-use plastics when you bring them to use at our bars. Enjoy discounts on drinks when you BYOC!

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We encourage guests to refill your cup or reusable bottle at our drinking water stations over using single-use plastic ones.


All events that take place at The Doral Yard, whether privately organized or open-to-the-public, will be held to the same green standards.

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