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  • Rendering of The Backyard

    Please pardon the interruption as we prepare to open The Backyard!

    June 28, 2021
    Rendering of The Backyard entrance We are open! However, please pardon the interruption as we pause our live music, fitness classes, table reservations and our Main Street outdoor seating after July 5th. These are moving to The Backyard, behind our Hub, which is the indoor part of The Doral Yard. In just a few weeks, [...]
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  • Santo Dulce! serves up heavenly halo churros

    September 9, 2020
    Crush your hankering for something sweet with Santo Dulce's sundae churros (Santo Dulce!) Santo Dulce! Handcrafted Churros & Ice Cream, a South Florida culinary concept at the soon-to-open The Doral Yard, elevates churros pairing the made-to-order traditional fried dough treats with unconventional flavors and shaping them into heavenly halos. What are churros? You can think [...]
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  • Adam Garfield

    Entrepreneurs We Love: Adam Garfield, Co-Founder & CEO, SpeedETab

    May 26, 2020

    Each week, our co-founder, Della Heiman hosts a live lunch series on  the dellabowls Instagram. The series focuses on interviewing various entrepreneurs about themselves, their business, and navigating the challenges of COVID-19. A few weeks ago, Della interviewed Adam Garfield, Co-Founder and CEO of SpeedETab.   Meet Adam Garfield Co-Founder & CEO, SpeedETab  Born and […]

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  • Tyler Zager offers a culinary demo on the main stage

    The Young Entrepreneurial Spirit Soars in Miami

    December 5, 2019

    Remember when you were a kid. Did you dream of creating a business? Did you offer some type of service? Or did you try to solve a problem that existed in your neighborhood or for your community? Maybe you had a job to earn money, either for yourself or to help out the family?  Back […]

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  • A white plate at the center of a wooden table with plates and a wooden spoon next to it. Contains day -- Nov. 7 --, time --6 30 p.m. -- and location --Venture X Doral --of the Food Entrepreneurs Dish panel.

    Culinary entrepreneurs hash out the opportunities and challenges of doing business in SW Miami-Dade

    October 30, 2019

    Join us at Food Entrepreneurs Dish! – Wild West Edition on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Why are influential culinary entrepreneurs going west to neighborhoods such as Doral, Hialeah, Kendall and more—areas where perhaps smaller strip mall gems or chain restaurants once ruled? Discover what some of Miami’s most dynamic and influential culinary entrepreneurs have to […]

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