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Image of Della Heiman Founder and CEO of The Doral Yard


Founder and CEO of The Doral Yard, The Wynwood Yard, della bowls

Della Heiman’s desire to make healthy food affordable and accessible to all was the catalyst for della bowls, a globally-inspired, plant-based, fast-casual concept. After testing the concept in Boston, she moved to Miami in 2014 to open the first store.

The Wynwood Yard, Miami’s first culinary incubator and community hub, was galvanized by Della’s experience attempting to find a location for della bowls in Miami. She realized that there was a great need for a platform to foster the development of innovative Miami food, culture, design and fitness entrepreneurs.The Wynwood Yard operated as a thriving community hub from 2015 to 2019, until the leased property was sold. It was a labor of love and sweat that included raking gravel, which Della did herself in the early days, and fending off proverbial locusts of all kinds. della test kitchen was a prototype restaurant within The Yard, designed to gather and adapt to community feedback in real time.

In 2019, she partnered with Joe Furst, one of the driving forces behind Wynwood’s revitalization, to bring the Yard concept to Downtown Doral. The Doral Yard, an expansion of the original Yard, will open in early 2020. There will be a della bowls location at the new site; it currently operates as a delivery-only restaurant.

Della grew up in the Midwest, where her family’s culture and ethos honed her entrepreneurial spirit. Previously, Della worked in the fields of political communications, textile manufacturing, and venture capital in the U.S., the Middle East and Asia. She holds a BA in History and Spanish Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is also a certified yoga instructor with passion for holistic health and wellness.

In terms of the Doral Yard, she is most excited to introduce the vibrant melting pot of culinary entrepreneurs, live music and cultural events that her team is brewing together in collaboration with local Miamians. She explains: “Our company’s culture is fueled by the core belief that building dynamic relationships with like-minded creatives, organizations, and entrepreneurs leads to the most profound outcomes for our community.

When Della is not working on The Doral Yard, you can find her spending time with her loved ones, taking a yoga class, or absorbed in a book.

Image of partner and co-founder Joseph Furst


Partner and Co-founder of The Doral Yard, Founder of Place Projects

Place Projects is a real estate investment and development company that strives to create unique projects and memorable experiences through thoughtful curation and human-centric planning. Joe currently has investments throughout Florida, including Wynwood, Doral, and St. Petersburg.

Prior to focusing on his own ventures and founding Place Projects, Joe spent ten years as Managing Director and Principal of Goldman Properties’ Wynwood portfolio. He played an integral role in the transformation of Wynwood from desolate industrial district into an engaging destination, which now attracts more than 1 million annual visitors and is recognized as one of America’s 39 coolest neighborhoods. Goldman’s Wynwood portfolio consists of over 30 properties comprising over 400,000sf of land. Joe oversaw all development, financing and leasing initiatives within the portfolio, including The Wynwood Garage (, a 250,000sf mixed-use development.

When Joe is not working, he can be found struggling to play the guitar and spending quality time with his wife and children.

Image of Julie Frans Director of Community and Culinary Programming for Yard


Director of Community and Culinary Programming for Yard Hospitality

Julie joined The Wynwood Yard about a month before it was scheduled to open around October, 2015. She initially jumped aboard to help launch della bowls, and in the following years, her role expanded to include developing and overseeing a diverse array of culinary programs, community-building events, and brand messaging.

Her “babies” include the field trip and food justice programs, culinary workshop programs, sustainability, and community festivals like Earth Day, Young Entrepreneurs Day, Whole and Healthy Wellness Day, and others. She still works closely with della bowls as COO and Chef, as well as with all other food and beverage outlets within the Yard brand.

Hailing from California, Julie traveled the globe as a private and charter yacht chef. In 2005 she launched her first business in San Diego, which grew into a full service agency and farm-to-table catering company.

In 2011, Julie became Signature Chef for Essensia Restaurant at The Palms Hotel in Miami. This role grew to Corporate Executive Chef; in this position, Julie oversaw all culinary operations for The Palms and its sister hotel, Circa 39. In 2015, Julie founded Farm-to-Table Hospitality & Culinary Consulting, providing farm-to-table restaurants and catering businesses with environmental best practices know-how.

She has served as VP of Slow Food Miami, and Culinary Director of the SEED Food and Wine Festival.

When Julie is not working at The Doral Yard, you can find her traveling the world with her family, cooking, exploring, and outdoor adventuring.

Image of Trina Sargalski Director of Marketing and Communications for Yard Hospitality


Director of Marketing and Communications for Yard Hospitality

Trina is obsessed with storytelling…and digital marketing. She talks about pixels so much that some have encouraged her to name her new pet ‘Pixel’. She joined the team in 2015 when, as she likes to say, The Wynwood Yard was a vacant lot of rocks and plants.

Trina is a former journalist, food writer and public radio producer. She earned national and international awards for her audio documentary reporting and production work with the team at WLRN-Miami Herald News, Miami’s NPR station. She was also the founding Miami editor for Tasting Table, a national food website.

Summed up as simply as possible, Trina’s job is to connect and create. She is fueled by good food and good stories, time with family and friends, music and dancing.

Image of Robyn Baltuch Director of Events and Partnerships for Yard Hospitality


Director of Events and Partnerships for Yard Hospitality

Robyn joined Yard Hospitality in early 2017, when she was brought on board to help improve event management. Once she showed her talents, Della was not about to let her go anywhere!

Robyn wears a lot of hats within the organization and has earned the nickname Eagle Eye for her next-level attention to detail. Her primary role is to develop partnerships with community members, organizations, companies and brands. She creates programs and opportunities for events and private gatherings.

Robyn has over 15 years experience in event planning worldwide ranging from Weddings, Corporate, Social and Not-For-Profit events, both with Yard Hospitality and with her own business, Baltuch Designs. She also has planned numerous group trips throughout the US and abroad. Robyn has a background in design.

When she’s not working, you can find Robyn creating and adventuring.

Image of Brian Goldberg Director of Operations of Yard Hospitality


Director of Operations of Yard Hospitality

Brian joined the Yard Hospitality team two years ago, bringing with him culinary and restaurant management experience, and the ability to tend to the nuts and bolts of the physical property.

Like the rest of the team, he wears many hats and performs jobs that “keep the ship moving forward,” as he puts it. He’s the behind-the-scenes guy that makes it possible for the rest of our team to do what we do. He jokes that his job is “to do whatever the girls tell me to do.” Maybe that’s not so far off!

When he’s not working at The Doral Yard, you can find him spending time with his daughter, Teddy.


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