Crafts for Your Summer Staycation: The Wynwood Coloring Book, Knitting and More…

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Hola, Familia!

Saturday, June 20th is the first day of Summer!
So, we wanted to highlight some really cool arts and crafts projects that you, your family, and friends can enjoy, from the comfort of your homes.
Art comes in SO MANY forms and is typically used to express or convey a feeling or emotion. It is defined as, “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” (Source)
While you may think that art just means painting or going to a museum. Art can also mean coloring, knitting/crocheting, building, planting, decorating, and even cooking. So in some way, everyone is an artist. Basically, there is some kind of craft activity here for you and your family to enjoy and de-stress with this summer, especially while cooped up indoors avoiding the monsoons or boiling heat outside.

Let’s get Creative!



Coloring books are great ways to relax and let your creativity do the work.


Our friends @wynwoodcoloringbook were generous enough to release a FREE downloadable set of coloring sheets. (Free Download)

Note: In conjunction with @aimfulbooks, they have released a second edition of The Wynwood Coloring Book. Each coloring book purchase is matched with a free educational textbook given to children in need.

The Wynwood Coloring BookThe Wynwood Coloring BookThe Wynwood Coloring Book

If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy of The Wynwood Coloring Book:


Knitting and crocheting have been around for years, but they’re enjoying a revival of sorts lately, after being wrongly labeled as a retirement home activity for way too long. Also, they’re both great ways to focus your attention on something else. Knitting and crocheting are almost meditative in a way, so basically, they’re perfect activities for these times.

(Plus… who doesn’t want to knit this DIY facemask?)


Julie, our Director of Community and Culinary, and her family have taken up knitting since the beginning of the Stay-at-Home order.













Absorbing yourself in the creativity and architecture of a small-scale building project can be either zen or frustrating as keeping puppies in a box, depending on the person. However, for those who crave working with their hands on a cool project, our friends at @makermonkeyworkshop have created numerous building kits for kids to express themselves with. (Purchase Here)











 Arts and Crafts Projects with Plants


You’re probably thinking, PLANTING? Yes! Planting can be seen as an art form, especially when you’re creating an artistic arrangement.

Local farm, @isaacfarms (@succulentworldllc) has put together a kit for customers to take home and create small artistic succulent arrangements at home. (Purchase Here)


Also, if you need DIY succulent arrangement building steps or tips, be sure to check out this blog by our resident succulent expert and Admin Guru, Vanessa:








Succulents for Beginners (Indoors)









Dessert Decorating

Really, is there anyone who doesn’t like this kind of crafting? And, if it leads to something sweet and delicious, why not get a little messy?

Our friends at @paletasmorelia have put together a Take Home Kit for customers to create a personalized Paleta! (Purchase Here)


Our Downtown Doral neighbors @msbunniecakes are offering a DIY Kit for customers to decorate their own sweet treat! (Order Here)











Cooking / Baking / Mixing Arts and Crafts Projects

Making delicious food and beverage can almost be considered the BEST kind of arts and crafts–and judging by the yeast and flour shortages at supermarkets, we think you agree. If you ask us at The Doral Yard, food and drink are some of the best mood-altering substances we know of–they help us rid cravings, alter our moods, and create a sense-heightening experience.

One fun experiment during this quarantine time is to start cooking with more local produce. Supporting local farms is not only great but comes with so many health benefits!

Where to Find Locally Grown Produce in South Florida


Take one of Chef Julies Interactive Livestream @ChefsFeed @dellabowls Cooking Classes to learn how to use that beautiful, farm-fresh produce! (Tickets and Dates Here)











If you love making cocktails, try making our Doral Yard Spicy Daisy:








Cocktail Recipe – Spicy Daisy (Cinco de Mayo)


More of a baking type? Bake this Chocolate Bread by our friend Fernanda Chacon (@cookandmove):








Bake your quarantine blues away with this cozy chocolate bread recipe


Make Chef Fernanda‘s Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl








Chef Fernanda Chacon’s Recipes – Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl









Watching, Reading + Listening

Maybe physically doing something isn’t for you. Some of us see Art in what we watch, read, and listen to.

Check out this blog for some recommendations:

Our team’s reading and listening recommendations while we’re social distancing










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